I have always liked to take pictures since I was young growing up in rural Southwest Mississippi. There was always something interesting catching my eye that made me want to capture that moment, so I purchased my first point & shoot camera & have not looked back since. Now that I’m older I’ve taken a more serious approach to what was a hobby but is now my passion & profession. If I had to describe the relationship between my camera & I, it would be similar to those old American Express commercials: I “never leave home without it”!

At times it can be difficult to express those special moments in your life with words. However a simple photograph capturing memories can speak volumes. As a photographer this is one of the most gratifying & exciting parts of my passion for photography. It’s not just about taking a picture but helping clients relive those moments for years & years to come.

The photographs displayed in these galleries are just a few photos I selected to shared with you. They originate from places I’ve been over the years and also where I’m from. It has actually made me more appreciative of the simpler things in life. There’s nothing like waking up early on a summer morning & catching the sun just as it’s about rise above the horizon. Priceless . . .

I offer photography services ranging from Weddings, Events,Portraits, & Commercial. I also enjoy shooting other aspects of photography such as Sunset & Sunrises, Beautiful Landscapes, & other random images. The world is filled with natural beauty all around us & through my passion of photography I am pleased to share with you my visions of “Capturing the Essence & Natural Beauty of Life”! I am sure you will enjoy viewing these intriguing & interesting images as much as I enjoyed photographing them. Thank You for stopping by to visit & I look forward to working with you in the near future.